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Augmented Authority Fortnite Duo Cup Rules


1. Tournament Format & Match Rules

1.1 – Single Elimination Bracket with random seeding

1.2 – EU West Servers Only

1.3 – This is a cross platform competition but it is our opinion that non-PC players will find it tough when sharing lobbies with PC players.

1.4 – Matches consist of 2 Squad games per round. Both duo teams queue together as a Squad for normal Squad games. A maximum break of 5 minutes may be taken between games in a match.

1.5 - The winning team is decided by the largest number of eliminations aggregated over the 2 games. In the event of a tie, the team with the last surviving player wins (it does not matter if 2 people are alive to just 1 from the other team). If it is still a draw, the player with the final kill is victorious.

1.6 – You are permitted to sabotage opposing teams, including kill stealing, causing fall damage and destroying structures.

1.7 – A team can start the match with one less player e.g. 1v2 in a duo match. Kills from random players accidently present in the squad will not count.

1.8 – The same team line-up must be used for all tournament rounds. This will be checked by admins via screenshots and demos.

1.9 – All match results must be submitted to the tournament channel on discord as soon as matches finish. Failure to do so could result in your team being disqualified if there is excessive delay and the admins are not aware. Submit evidence in the form of screenshots and kill score e.g. Team1 – 22 kills vs Team2 – 15 kills. Compliance to this rule helps tournament admins run the tournament quickly, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

1.10 – If you will be streaming via twitch, please implement a short stream delay for your own benefit and notify the tournament admins of your channel so they can keep up to date with the progress in your game. This is not mandatory.


2. Scheduling

2.1 – You are required to have one player contactable on the tournament discord server during the tournament – Please identify yourself to the tournament admins who will assign you appropriate admin rights.

2.2 – A fortnite-tournament channel in discord will be used to find tournament updates and communication purposes. Please keep an eye on this.

2.3 – Round one of the tournaments will begin at the advertised tournament start time. Entry tickets will be purchasable up until 1 hour before the start (subject to spaces available). The bracket will be generated and opponents matched up. You can follow the bracket via or tournament discord.

2.4 – Subsequent rounds will begin ad hoc as the tournament progresses. Tournament admins will post matchups to the tournament channel on discord, along with a start time you are required to begin within (typically 10 minutes from the end of the last game those teams were involved with). They will also message the individual participants if known – please provide useful contact information when you buy your ticket or message tournament admins via discord.

2.5 – If a team does not begin their first match within 10 minutes of the tournament start, they will be disqualified. For following rounds, if a team is not present for their match within the time specified by the admins, they will be disqualified. If a team is causing serious delay to the progress of the tournament (e.g. 15-20min delayed start multiple times), they will be disqualified at the admin’s discretion. If a team is determined to be using unsportsmanlike conduct to disqualify another team through malicious reporting and deliberate delay, they will be removed from the tournament.

2.6 – If neither team is present at the match start time, the first team back whilst the current round is still active will be allowed to progress at the admin’s discretion.

2.7 – If a team does not show, the opposing team must leave a message on the fortnite-tournament chat in discord and notify a tournament admin via direct message, stating which opponent has not shown. The tournament admin will then attempt to contact the missing team. Please ensure you are contactable to prevent malicious reporting.

2.8 – No warm-up games with your opponents are permitted with the specified match rules. If the tournament has started, this will be classed as a live game even if just 1 player from a duo is present.

2.9 – If a player disconnects before the battle bus launches, then the game must be restarted with a 5 minutes grace time for reconnection. If the designated match start time has passed and the player(s) disconnects again, then the game will proceed. Kills from disconnected or crashed players still count to the team totals.


3. Prizemoney

3.1 – 62.5% of all entry ticket money will go to the tournament winner. The rest of the prizemoney will go towards admin costs and supporting our Esports teams.

3.2 – Prizemoney will be paid to the person who bought the entry ticket only. It is up to you to split money among the team.

3.3 – Prizemoney will aim to be paid within 48 hours of the conclusion of the tournament. Grievances reported against the winners will delay this process.


4. Grievances

4.1 – Cheating via external programs or abusing in game mechanics (glitches or exploits) will not be tolerated. If you are found to be using unsportsmanlike behaviour to gain an unfair advantage, your team will be removed from the tournament. Teams contesting cheats or exploits must submit evidence such as demos with timestamps to the tournament admins. Our admins will use their experience of competing at a high level in Esports and extensive knowledge of the game to come to a decision. Their decision is final.

4.2 – If a team is determined to be using unsportsmanlike conduct to disqualify another team through malicious reporting and deliberate delay, they will be removed from the tournament. We strongly recommend the use of recording programs such as Shadowplay to record such behaviour and provide proof you are trying to start the game.

4.3 – Admins rely on evidence provided by the accusing team, please do your best to provide as much evidence as possible via recordings to help them decide as teams will not be disqualified otherwise.

4.4 – Verbal or written abuse to admins will result in disqualification and suspension from future Augmented Authority tournaments at the admin’s discretion. Warnings may be given for the use of profane words or phrases, discussion of controversial religious topics, threats/implied violence, lack of punctuality, and failure to follow tournament staff instructions. All warnings and penalties are given to everyone in the team.


5. General

5.1 – These rules may be updated and modified at any time, for any reason. Rulings may be made outside the scope of these rules in order to preserve fair play and tournament integrity. Participation in this tournament constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these rules and tournament official decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to this tournament. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

5.2 – Third Party Communication (i.e. TeamSpeak, Skype etc.) is encouraged for this tournament as you will be sharing a squad with your opponents who will be able to hear in-game communication.

5.3 – Have fun and good luck. Every effort will be made to run the tournament smoothly in a short timeframe with a positive atmosphere. Teams who cause trouble or have unsportsmanlike conduct are not welcome and will soon find themselves disqualified at the admin’s discretion without refund. You have been warned.


Tournament 1 - ##/##/##