• Name: Adam
  • DOB: 1990
  • LANs: i37, i39, i42, i43, i62, i63, epic9
  • Media: 
  • Bio: An MMA fighter in the making, equixR brings a calming presence to the team, consistently executing strats and providing support to the more flashy players in the team. Beware though, if those players are struggling to find an opening, equixR will take it upon himself to rampage his way onto an objective before the enemy knows what's hit them - check out the video above! (10m37s)


    • Name: Alex
    • DOB: 1990
    • LANs: i34, i37, i39, i40, i42, i43, i52, i62, i63, Antwerp eSports Festival 2010
    • Media: 
  • Bio: Born and raised in Manchester, nicknamed Purge since 2002. Well respected within the scene, Purge's FPS play-style revolves around his ability to read his opponent's moves and mastermind tactics which consistently surprise opponents. Not a bad FIFA player either, regularly winning offline tournaments at local gaming cafes. His strategic mind was on display as he secured £500 at i62 in the inaugural Football Manager World Esports Championship with just 50h experience in the game, beating YouTubers and players who had travelled from abroad with thousands of hours.