Rocket League and DOTA teams join

Recruitment has gone into overdrive recently, with the organisation pleased to annouce both Rocket League and DOTA teams will be representing us at epic23 this February!

We are pleased to welcome back the talented Doopz, Chuen, and Gator, along with their 2 new recruits. They are the best the UK has to offer in DOTA so we are optimistic they will bring home 1st place.

The DOTA Lineup:

uk flag Doopz

uk flag Gator

uk flag Chuen

uk flag Dacster

uk flag Tolera

It has long been an ambition of ours to pickup a skilled Rocket League team, as we really believe in the future of this game as an eSport. It outsells everyone and the non-violent nature of the game benefits it’s publicity for regular broadcasting networks. We are pleased to start working with a veteran UK team in the scene, who I’m sure will place highly at epic23, having come third at epic22, narrowly losing to the eventual winners after beating them earlier in the tournament.

The Rocket League Lineup

uk flag noot n chill

uk flag DcR

uk flag Bob


A small update

A lot of progress has been made in recent weeks in preparation for the release of Battalion 1944. Several website improvements have been implemented, our partnership with Raven has begun, with other partnerships and sponsor negotiations nearing conclusion.
There are some big announcements on the horizon and major projects in the works, we really are the UK org to keep your eye on this year so get in contact and get involved!