Raz “The Impaler” Community Streamer Joins

Today we would like to announce the Razmanian Devil will be joining our ranks as a community streamer. With an already impressive K1 & MMA fan base in the UK, Raz is turning his attention to his equally loved passion of gaming.

We recently met up with Raz to learn more about his decision to pursue gaming as well as his combat sports career. He was first introduced to the organisation through our co-owner – equixR who is a past student and training partner. After learning about his passion for video games and streaming ambitions, we knew we had to become affiliated. Raz is a fun and entertaining community streamer, playing a variety of games.

It was clear from the start that Raz has the same aspirations and targets we do when it comes to gaming, we know how committed he is with clear thought our goals and targets. We will do what we can to help him make this a success. This is what he had to say:

So why did you get into streaming?
Raz – “I love playing games, and I have a problem with not completing every single one I like haha. I complete some games that have been out for a day or two at times and if I just streamed those games at their release, that should bring in an audience just because of the newness of the game”

What can we expect from you?
Raz – “Expect bare games to get completed with funny commentary. I am also aiming to compete in more multiplayer games such as destiny, hearthstone, gems of war etc. (I am actually currently rank 1 in the world on gems of war)”
We checked and through a man flu induced marathon of gems of war he really is the top rated player in the world… 









How long have you been fighting in k1-MMA?
Raz – “I have been competing professionally in combat sports since 2009, I have competed in pro MMA, Muay Thai & K1”

What’s your dream job?
Raz – “My dream job has always been fighting, but that’s only because gaming has never really seemed much of a reality to me until I started paying attention to twitch more where the potential is incredible. I’m aiming to be able to do a combination of them both in the future”

You can follow Raz through his twitter here – https://twitter.com/RazTheImpaler

Who are Augmented Authority?
You can find out more about Augmented Authority by looking around our website at http://www.augmented-authority.com. We are an EU based eSports organisation who compete amongst the best across a variety of games. You can follow our exploits and support us through our website and twitter – https://twitter.com/AugmentedA.

The only thing left to do is to welcome Raz to the org and we look forward to both watching his progression and working with him. Welcome buddy.