Overwatch Line up Confirmed

We are happy to announce our new Overwatch Line up, picking up Team Coherence and bringing them under the Augmented Authority banner. The team is a relatively new line up, but they have hit the ground running with some noticeable results in a short space of time.

Line up

Main Support – Joni ‘Jofi’ Ilves – Finland
Flex Support – Lars ‘KaasIsBaas’ Van Oorschot – Netherlands
Off-Tank – Thimo ‘TwolzZ’ Wilts – Netherlands
Main Tank – Lorenzo ‘Midna’ Nulli – Italy
Flex DPS – Daniel ‘Dannedd’ Rosdahl – Sweden
Hitscan DPS – Tomer ‘Wayfast’ Gishri – Israel

Coach – Jake ‘Spackle’ Connell – USA
Manager – William ‘JesterFarian’ Gibson – Britain


Previous results

ESL Weekly:

Go4 92 – 3rd

Go4 93 – 1st

Go4 94 – 9-16th

Go4 96 – 2nd

Go4 97 – 1st


Heroes of Ananas 7 – 5-8th


With an impressive start to the team’s career we welcome them to the Augmented family and wish them all the best in the up and coming events.

We are extremely excited to work closely with the lads and push each other to new heights. We recently spoke with Jester (Manager) to give us his run down on the team and view on where we go from here.


  • Quote From Jester ( Overwatch Manager)

“Augmented Authority Overwatch team consists of six players a manager and coach, nearly all which are from different nations around the world, including: Britain, America and Israel. The entire team has worked together for the past few months under a different name and has had big success in online tournaments. Taking part in and winning ESL weekly tournaments as well as monthly tournaments they have qualified for. The team is looking to push through the upcoming Blizzard Open Division for a place in Contenders Trials leading eventually to Contenders, with the recent results looking strong from the team this is more than a possibility. The team is always looking to improve and make any steps forward they can to reaching their goals, because ultimately everyone wants to make this a reality and won’t stop until it is”.

So all that’s left  to say is welcome aboard. We are sure we will see some exciting results coming up. This is the team to watch and you will be seeing them in major tournaments very soon.

GL& HF lads