Nordic CS:GO Team Interview

We recently sat down with and spoke to Evil and Sberg from the Nordic CS:GO division of Augmented Authority to learn a bit more about them. The line-up consists of – Svinter, gawzz, Nino, Evil, and Sberg. You can see each players profile in more detail on the CS:GO team page

How long have you been playing as a team?
Sberg: We have all been playing together for a few months now (April 2017), but me and Evil have been playing for longer than that and I have been playing with Gawzz for 2 years. We’re getting better and better as a team, mostly working on our communication at the moment.

How did you form the team?
Evil: It was mostly me and Sberg. I needed to play in a team to get better and they were the first team I contacted. I was the first guy they tried and thankfully we clicked.
Sberg: Gawzz and I made an advert on Fragbite. We were searching for players and that’s how we all met. We played a bit and realised we should play as a team and now, here we are.

What tournaments have you played so far as a team?
Sberg: We entered DreamHack summer together and went out in the quarter finals to the eventual winners. Unfortunately, it was a Single Elimination bracket so we didn’t have a chance to play through a lower bracket as I think we could have gone further. We also played a tournament called Keita, you can win some cash and we ended 3rd place there. We are playing in ESEA Main League and are looking to establish ourselves as a solid team there before pushing for promotion. We’re constantly playing in online tournaments, to get used to playing under pressure which is going to be so important when we play at LANs in the near future.

What else have you got planned?
Evil: We are going to Gigacon Norway and Dreamhack Winter. Other than that, we aim for Premier division in ESEA and CEVO minor when that starts.

What are your goals, as a team?
Sberg: Make a living… live off gaming.
Evil: Yeah.

What play-style do you have in the team? (This was an instantaneous answer from both guys)
Evil: Aggressive
Sberg: Aggressive, sometimes too much but we’re managing.
Evil: We’re trying to be more controlled aggressive.
Sberg: We need to learn how to adapt, we’re working on it. It’s getting better and better.

Are you enjoying life with the new team?
Sberg: Yeah, everyone is really nice and we all have the same goals, motivation etc.
Evil: Everyone has the same drive to win.

What maps do you feel you need to work on?
Sberg: Nuke is our worst.
Evil: Yeah Nuke is the worst but we are going to work on it and turn it into a strength.
Sberg: It changes from game to game, it depends who you are facing, what their characteristics are and so on.
Who do you think is the best player in the team? (This question was greeted with a lot of laughter)
Evil: I think Gawzz is the best player, the most consistent player
Sberg: Yeah
Evil: Individually the most consistent
Sberg: But everyone in our team is filling their purpose, it’s so hard to say who is the best. Nino is very smart, always looks for new strats for us… Svinther is a very good lurker, he manages to get behind the enemy and surprise them, his aim is spot on. Evil, he is a really good entry he does his job… very Dedicated. Gawzz, when he is on point he goes “loco”, he is a super good aimer. When he is on form he can clear a site by himself, a very consistent player.
Evil: And of course, Sberg is a great scope and will be one of the top ranked AWPers at the end of this ESEA season.

Why did you choose to join Augmented Authority?
Sberg: This is a good question, they feel genuine and realistic. They don’t have the, you know “We’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that” with promises they can’t obviously keep. We felt like we could trust them and although they are a new started organisation, they felt nice.

Do you like the fact the creators were once players themselves?
Sberg: Yeah that’s a big plus, really big plus, they know stuff.

What do you hope to get from Augmented Authority to help you reach the top?
Sberg: I don’t know, tips and like stuff to think about maybe, they know how to play under pressure, in case we get a problem with that and, I dunno, they feel organised like they know what to do with the organisation.

How long do you think it’ll take to get known in the scene?
Evil: Realistically, a year maybe more
Sberg: It’s so hard to say, sometimes the coin drops and you get really good as a team and it kind of depends on how long it takes individually. The coin needs to drop for all of us together, then it easier to say how long it will take.