Move over Spielberg

We had felt for a while that something was missing from our website homepage, a focal point which would be the first thing visitors see. It had to help us stand out from the crowd, be informative, and ideally not require maintenance to keep up to date.

We wanted it to be as easy to digest as possible, so Purge pushed for a business introductory video. equixR wasn’t so keen on the idea at first due to the animation style he had in mind but after speaking to a few non-gamers about the idea, realised it was exactly what that audience needed. A big shout out to his girlfriend, who I think was the first person to really change his mind. Something informative which would outline who we were, what our ambitions and goals are, saving people from trawling through the website and help them buy into our story, whilst adding to the professional feel of the org.

So where to start? Neither of us had film making or animation experience, you’ll see some of our attempts at drawing below. Needless to say they won’t be hanging in an art gallery near you soon. We jumped onto, which had become our trusted location to obtain the services of talented professionals. After wading through 20-30 animators, we found a couple of styles that we liked and looked through the pricing and profiles to see what we needed to provide to them.

First thing we needed – a voiceover, what did we want to say? Neither of us particularly liked the idea of being the voice so we looked for professional help. equixR had great fun listening to all the great voice actors who were available, you can get any accent or type of voice you wanted. We settled on getting someone British and found a guy whose voice we recognised from some TV adverts.

After a few rounds of drafting what we wanted to say, we passed the script to him and a couple of days later we had a perfect recording. Now for the more difficult (and expensive) bit, what did we want to show? We needed a storyboard. Step forward, our resident artist equixR!

Several hand drawn story boards later, we had agreed on the aesthetics and timings for each scene to line up with the voiceover. For your amusement, you can see some examples of equixR’s finest 2am, coffee driven storyboard scribbles below that can only be described as modern art. How the animator managed to decrypt these drawings is nothing short of a miracle.

After several drafts back and forth, barring some minor tweaks we will iron out in a future update, we have ended up with exactly what we wanted. The whole process from idea to product took 3 months but it is a perfect landing page focal point which introduces us, is easy to digest and gets our key message across.

It looks professional and makes us stand out from the crowd as neither of us has ever seen a clip like it in Esports before or since. We are only 1 month on from publishing it and have already started receiving emails about business opportunities, the kind of which we weren’t getting before despite our capability. This is objective achieved for us, leading to some very large projects we hope to be writing about soon.

You might recognise some of the scenes below from the video.