Making of Blog


Whilst running Augmented Authority, we have been involved in a lot of negotiations – from hiring artists ad hoc, talking with potential sponsors, to picking up and supporting the right... Read more →

Move over Spielberg

We had felt for a while that something was missing from our website homepage, a focal point which would be the first thing visitors see. It had to help us... Read more →

Support Network

So now we had our first teams through the door, how could we keep them? How could we get people to buy into our ideas and feel part of the... Read more →

Recruitment Drive

So now we had a basic website, we had to start recruiting. We looked at what PC game tournaments would be hosted at the next i-series. Preferring to stick to... Read more →

Starting Up

We thought it would be a good idea to provide an insight into what it is like to start and run an eSports Organisation from scratch. We are very excited... Read more →

Co-founder Interview

Augmented Authority was created to bring together the sporadic network of competitive gaming in the UK and unite select teams and players under one banner. Helping them achieve their full... Read more →