Overwatch Open Division Season 2

Today, Augmented Authority took a massive step towards Overwatch Contenders status by placing 4th in the European Playoffs for Season 2 of Open Division. 1,869 teams entered the Division and with 9 wins out of 10 games, we placed 8th in the Division and progressed to the end of season playoffs! Season 2 Open Division Standings OW-S2-Open-Div-Standings After several intense games over a number of weeks, we forced our way through the lower bracket to end up finishing 4th overall and qualifying as a trialist for next Season's Overwatch Contenders. Playoff Brackets Bracket Playoff Standings playoff-standings We now have to place in the Top 4 out of 8 Contenders Trialists in order to reach the Contenders League for Season 3. Competition is going to be tough but we believe the lads can do it, you can follow the results at the link below. The Contenders Trialists trialists Congratulations to the guys and the support staff without which, this would not have been possible. Now go ahead and secure your prize. lineup Update: Unfortunately, the team decided to part ways with us so if they won a Contenders spot, they could be picked up by a more financially powerful organisation. The guys duly delivered in the trials and came top of the group, winning £2066 in the process. Congratulations to them, their success is a credit to Augmented Authority. Trials results


Congratulations to our Overwatch team who have dominated the 100th ESL cup, winning it without losing a map! Augmented Authority had tough games against Oompaloompas in the semi final and some of our old lineup - NeverWonESL, in the grand final. Find all your GO4Overwatch Europe Cup #100 information here.

Line up: Wayfast Dannedd Jofi KaasIsBaas Midna TwolzZ

Heroes of Ananas #8: Community Cup

Heroes of Ananas #8: Community Cup

They didn’t waste any time! Days after announcing the Overwatch team they get their first win under the Augmented Authority flag winning Heroes of Ananas #8 without dropping a single map !



Open Division S3 Playoffs

Today our Overwatch lineup came 2nd in the FaceIt Season 3 Open Division Playoffs, losing out to Titans in the final. The FaceIt Bracket Well done to the guys, a positive step to build their reputation and brand. Congratulations to Titans, see you next time. The Lineup: se flag Minz se flag Knasen fl flag Milkyman ir flag FlexG se flag Taang nl flag Timarien


Congratulations to our Overwatch team as they came 3rd in the ESL GO4overwatch cup #77

Line up: Ascoft KvN minz taang FlexG milkyman