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epic.24 Rocket League LAN win

Congratulations to our Rocket League team who dominated epicLAN 24's offline tournament without losing a single game! Augmented Authority beat the three other teams in the group 3 games to nil before making their way unbeaten through the bracket to the final. epic24 group The team faced up against Hostile Otters in the final and won the best of 5 without dropping a game. epic24 final


uk flag Matt ‘Mendo’ Davies

uk flag Adam ‘Solarr’ Wright

uk flag Matt ‘Digsy’ Byers

  Great job by the guys, they took home £300 and free tickets to defend their crown at epicLAN 25. Sign up if you think you can beat them! epic24 rl standings RL epicLAN24 prizegiving

Overwatch Open Division Season 2

Today, Augmented Authority took a massive step towards Overwatch Contenders status by placing 4th in the European Playoffs for Season 2 of Open Division. 1,869 teams entered the Division and with 9 wins out of 10 games, we placed 8th in the Division and progressed to the end of season playoffs! Season 2 Open Division Standings OW-S2-Open-Div-Standings After several intense games over a number of weeks, we forced our way through the lower bracket to end up finishing 4th overall and qualifying as a trialist for next Season's Overwatch Contenders. Playoff Brackets Bracket Playoff Standings playoff-standings We now have to place in the Top 4 out of 8 Contenders Trialists in order to reach the Contenders League for Season 3. Competition is going to be tough but we believe the lads can do it, you can follow the results at the link below. The Contenders Trialists trialists Congratulations to the guys and the support staff without which, this would not have been possible. Now go ahead and secure your prize. lineup Update: Unfortunately, the team decided to part ways with us so if they won a Contenders spot, they could be picked up by a more financially powerful organisation. The guys duly delivered in the trials and came top of the group, winning £2066 in the process. Congratulations to them, their success is a credit to Augmented Authority. Trials results


Our Rocket League line up clutched a well fought victory at the weekend (13/05/18). With a Lack of league games URELA hosted a one of 8 man tournament through the in game tournament feature. Sadly the feature is buggy so screen shots and results tables were not stored 🙁 Nevertheless that lads still played some high level competitive games against GC (Grand Champion) teams and deserve their praise on their performance. We briefly spoke to Mendo about the tournament and how it went:

"Well the team we faced in the final was a full GC team so we really had to pull a performance out the bag. We lost the first game too so it was looking grim but we fought back really hard and took the next 2 games to get the win"


Congratulations to our Overwatch team who have dominated the 100th ESL cup, winning it without losing a map! Augmented Authority had tough games against Oompaloompas in the semi final and some of our old lineup - NeverWonESL, in the grand final. Find all your GO4Overwatch Europe Cup #100 information here.

Line up: Wayfast Dannedd Jofi KaasIsBaas Midna TwolzZ

Heroes of Ananas #8: Community Cup

Heroes of Ananas #8: Community Cup

They didn’t waste any time! Days after announcing the Overwatch team they get their first win under the Augmented Authority flag winning Heroes of Ananas #8 without dropping a single map !

ESL Open Cup 16/04/2018

Our Rocket League player - Mendo, secured 2nd place in the latest ESL Open Cup in a closely contested final. Congratulations to him, let's go get that 1st! ESL Tournament Bracket

ESL Open Cup 09/04/2018

Our Rocket League player - Mendo, secured 3rd place in the latest ESL Open Cup. Congratulations to him, here's to many more podium finishes! ESL Tournament Bracket

FMWEC 2018

The FMWEC took place at i62 on Sunday. The NEC was a perfect venue for the intense and nerve wracking games.   With £25,000 and a chance to manage Norwich City vs Inter Milan on the line, great players from all over the world were in attendance. Famous YouTubers, streamers, players from Brazil, France, and the USA were all vying for the trophy.   Our very own Purge, with just 50 hours experience in the game, beat a lot of the dedicated 64 players to secure 2nd place in the Plate, with the match filmed and streamed online. He narrowly lost the Plate final (for £1000) 2-0, his reward, £500 and a chance to compete in the next competition to be announced shortly.   This post will be updated with brackets, interviews, and match replays once they become available. The most memorable matches were his first group game he won 3-1 against the eventual runner-up of the entire competition, and a 4-3 thriller during the elimination stage.   Congratulations to Purge and here's hoping this is the start of a profitable new career.   Purge being interviewed for FMWEC final

DOTA2 2nd at epic23

Congratulations to our DOTA2 team who came runners-up at the epic23 LAN this weekend (25/02/2018).

The Lineup

uk flag Doopz

uk flag Gator

uk flag Chuen

uk flag Dacster

uk flag Tolera

  The team dominated the group stage, not dropping a single map. epic22 Group Stage This form continued into the elimination brackets, dropping no maps in reaching the grand final! The final was hard fought and after going 2-0 up, the team just couldn't get over the line and eventually went down 3-2 to 'Golden Ticket', congratulations to them. epic22 DOTA final

Open Division S3 Playoffs

Today our Overwatch lineup came 2nd in the FaceIt Season 3 Open Division Playoffs, losing out to Titans in the final. The FaceIt Bracket Well done to the guys, a positive step to build their reputation and brand. Congratulations to Titans, see you next time. The Lineup: se flag Minz se flag Knasen fl flag Milkyman ir flag FlexG se flag Taang nl flag Timarien


Congratulations to our Overwatch team as they came 3rd in the ESL GO4overwatch cup #77

Line up: Ascoft KvN minz taang FlexG milkyman

epic22 LAN

Congratulations to our DOTA2 team who came runners-up at the epic22 LAN today.

The Lineup

uk flag Doopz

uk flag Gator

uk flag Chuen

uk flag MFZ

uk flag NepaliiJesus

  Seeded 2nd for the competition, the team caused a minor upset dominating the group stage. epic22 Group Stage This form continued into the elimination brackets, dropping just 1 map to reach the grand final! epic22 Upper Bracket The final was hard fought and after going 2-0 up, the team couldn't get over the line and went down 3-2 to 'No Tolera', congratulations to them. epic22 DOTA final

Manchester Showdown August 2017

On 18th August 2017, our DOTA2 team secured victory at the finals of the Manchester Showdown in our first LAN as an organisation!   We qualified through the first of the online brackets. Online qualifier brackets   Having qualified online, the final 4 teams were invited to compete in the Trafford Centre. We faced Perilous.RAZE in our first semi-final and after a difficult back and forth at the start of the first game, came out 2-0 winners - Match 1, Match 2   In the final, we faced GOAT. Our players were off to a nervous start, going 14-1 down in the first game before bringing it back with some great split pushing. The second match was much more straightforward and after 27 minutes we were crowned the champions - Series Stats  

The Lineup

uk flag Doopz

uk flag MFZ

uk flag SweetNothing

uk flag Exper

uk flag Crysen

  As a result of their efforts, the players took home £200 in prizemoney. We hope this bodes well for the future of the organisation and can use this as a platform to push to the next level. Some images from the day...   The Managers look on during Game 1 of the day   The players concentrating mid-game   Winners Presentation