Heroes Of Ananas #8 Victory !

Congratulations to the Overwatch lads who made a clear statement of dominance as they took part in Heroes of Ananas #8. The team finished 1st in the 32 team tournament without dropping a single map.

We knew the guys would be pumped to show us what they can do with their first tournament under our name. They made their intentions clear with this victory. Without resting on their laurels, they are already back to the grindstone in preparation for their next games in the Overwatch Open Division.

It’s fantastic to see the commitment levels of both players and coaching/managing staff.

We caught up with our newest edition to the OW coaching team ‘AskForMore’, for his thoughts on the tournament:

AskForMore – “It was fun to see the guys play yesterday and a lot of the things we have focused on last week were used and had a positive effect on our gameplay. All the players are amazing mechanically and its really showing but we also see that there are still a lot of things to improve on and refine so we are by no means done improving and I hope people will see that moving into open”.


Results tables:






We look forward to watching the guys in the up and coming Open Division Season which they also started off with a bang, winning their first game 3-0.


Keep an eye out for these guys in more tournaments to come, as said before you will be seeing a lot of them!

You can keep up-to-date with this team and all our other teams at https://twitter.com/AugmentedA