Football Manager World Esports Championship

The FMWEC took place at i62 on Sunday. The NEC was a perfect venue for the intense and nerve wracking games.

With £25,000 and a chance to manage Norwich City vs Inter Milan on the line, great players from all over the world were in attendance. Famous YouTubers, streamers, players from Brazil, France, and the USA were all vying for the trophy.

Our very own Purge, with just 50 hours experience in the game, beat a lot of the dedicated 64 players to secure 2nd place in the Plate, with the match filmed and streamed online. He narrowly lost the Plate final (for £1000) 2-0, his reward, £500 and a chance to compete in the next competition to be announced shortly.

This post will be updated with brackets, interviews, and match replays once they become available. The most memorable matches were his first group game he won 3-1 against the eventual runner-up of the entire competition, and a 4-3 thriller during the elimination stage.

Congratulations to Purge and here’s hoping this is the start of a profitable new career.

Purge being interviewed for FMWEC final