ESL Go4Overwatch Cup #100

Congratulations to our Overwatch team who have dominated the 100th ESL cup, winning it without losing a map! Augmented Authority had tough games against Oompaloompas in the Semi-Final and some of our old lineup – NeverWonESL, in the Grand Final. Find all your Go4Overwatch Europe Cup #100 information here.


fin flag Main Support – Joni ‘Jofi’ Ilves

nl flag Flex Support – Lars ‘KaasIsBaas’ Van Oorschot

nl flag Off-Tank – Thimo ‘TwolzZ’ Wilts

it flag Main Tank – Lorenzo ‘Midna’ Nulli

se flag Flex DPS – Daniel ‘Dannedd’ Rosdahl

is flag Hitscan DPS – Tomer ‘Wayfast’ Gishri


Great job by the guys, you can check the Grand Final VOD here on Twitch