Co-founder Interview

Augmented Authority was created to bring together the sporadic network of competitive gaming in the UK and unite select teams and players under one banner. Helping them achieve their full potential with tailored management, coaching, and on-going support. It can truly be said that Augmented Authority’s entire design is for the players by the players, but it can be said that the ethos of company is much more modern than that adage.

Augmented Authority is the creation of both Alex “Purge” & Adam “EquixR”, two veterans of the competitive gaming scene. The two first met around 2007, towards the end of the competitive COD2 scene as PAM mode (an earlier version of PROMOD) for COD4 was being developed. They originally had the idea for Augmented Authority all the way back in 2012 but both stopped playing competitively and put their dreams on hold in order to establish their traditional jobs and let eSports develop as a business. Alex recalls, “There was no support and no financial incentive to make it big, companies are still only just realising the potential business opportunities within eSports”. Finally, in 2017, both Alex and Adam feel that the time is right to put their plan into action following the growth in the gaming industry.

“I was watching TV and the BBC were doing a piece on UK professional eSports players, showing their gaming houses and footage from the large events we all know” remembers Alex, “and I realised just how much of a market there is for this now”. However, it’s not just the increase in income that shows the viability of this venture. It is also as Adam made clear to me, that now, particularly in the UK, the social acceptance of gaming has changed, “Back in those days, teams from other countries were always more supported and they didn’t have the social stigma of gaming. It is beginning to change in the UK now. If you go to events, these top players are in shape and healthy habits is a big part of our ethos. We strongly believe it increases gaming performance and improves their mental wellbeing, which is important to their life outside of gaming as well”. Now, with the rise of Twitch, YouTube and various gaming competitions, the UK’s attitude is changing and Augmented Authority wants to be at the forefront and help discover new talent across Europe to reach the top of their game.

“We understand what it takes to play these games; we have the experience to provide the coaching to new players.” explains Alex, “But we also understand what teams want from us. We want to provide for these players what we didn’t have. We know they want to feel valued and supported and at a basic level; part of a team. If we provide this, the players will go the extra mile for us and vice versa.” As proof of this philosophy, the motto of Augmented Authority is, “Aspire to Inspire” as Adam and Alex want their players to inspire other gamers, and they themselves want to show that it is possible to setup and run a business and achieve your dream job.

Team support is only half of what Augmented Authority has to offer. As Adam says, “First and foremost we were players…we know what it is going to take” and Alex goes on to explain, “We understand the market and the importance of having a presence” and by using their banner and media accounts the two have the platform to help the players not only get better, but also to get bigger in the gaming community.

It is this blend that will aid Augmented Authority and their teams on their path to the top. The ability to simultaneously build their team’s playing ability and their media presence which will ensure success, not just in the short term, but create a sustained presence on the international stage for both themselves and their teams. Like Adam says, “You show us the potential and we’ll get you to the top, we are committed and we are here for the players”.

Interview conducted by Greg